Care and Safety Kit

Care and Safety Kit

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Show you care by ensuring the safety of your loved ones, especially this quarantine.


From a distance, you may keep an eye and communicate with them via our Indoor IP camera with intercom. Got emergencies? Be the first one to know when they click on the Emergency Button by getting a notification on your smartphone!


Time flies so make sure they know you care.


Avail the Care and Safety Kit at the comfort of your home and get 24/7 assistance from our support team for any concerns or inquiries on our products.


Please note that you may experience some delivery delays due to the quarantine restrictions. Given the unpredictable nature of the current situation, we ask for your patience and kind understanding.


Time to upgrade your lifestyle and ensure your loved ones are safe and secure with the CNX for Home Care and Safety Kit!   
Connect these devices to your CNX For Home App and manage your home and loved ones with a few simple clicks! Enjoy the benefits of guarding your house and ensuring safety of your familyanytime, anywhere! Get instantly notified in real-time when the Emergency button is pressed, so you can respond to emergency situations immediately! Because you deserve some peace of mind.


Package Inclusion:

1 x ORVIBO Indoor IP Camera  

  • The CNX for Home – Indoor IP Camera is a ‘plug and play’ security camera developed by ORVIBO. This smart camera has an intercom that is built with a 2-way audio feature allowing you to communicate within the area of choice. It has night vision and wide viewing angles so you don’t miss out on what you need to secure. This is an ideal device for families with babies and elderlies, pets and areas that need 24-hour visibility and security. The Indoor IP Camera is ‘portable and reliable’. Simply connect it with your CNX for Home App and you’re ready to go.
  • Product Specifications:
    1080p HD resolution 
    • Wide viewing angles 
         • 2-way audio feature (works like an intercom) 
         • Night vision supported 
         • Compatible with ZigBee protocol 

1 x  Emergency Button

  • The CNX for Home – Emergency Button is a highly dependable product developed by ORVIBO.
    Its handy design and red color makes it easier to recognize in emergency situations. Save precious seconds during an emergency and connect right away to the receiver immediately with its ‘real-time receiver response’. With the one second button press, an alarm sound will be automatically sent to your receiver, perfect for the non-techie elderlies and children. Simply connect it with your CNX for Home App and Smart Hub for both sender and receiver and you’ll get an immediate response!


1 x Mini Hub

  • The CNX for Home – Smart Mini Hub has a ‘Simple Connect’ technology feature developed by ORVIBO. This smart hub can automatically ‘search and sync’ other CNX devices without complicated network configuration or code pairing. It is ‘stable and reliable’. This Smart Mini Hub makes use of a wireless language that everyday devices use to connect to one another.
  • Pair the Emergency Button with the wireless mini hub for maximum control and protection. 


BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: All devices come with a 1-year PH warranty, including local support and after-sales service! 

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